Fri 6 May 2016 7:56AM

Women's freedom in context of justice for Jisha

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I think we should publish a statement (English and Malayalam) as most outrage is focusing on the extreme violence and want to just see blood. We should focus on how women are suppressed everyday and stand up for women's freedom. We should also express our voice against death penalty.


Pirate Praveen Fri 6 May 2016 5:49PM

English translation of comment above,

TV actor and presenter Parvathy's comments on Jisha's murder is notable.

"Don't make girls overly meek, at least from now on. Don't teach them these, " Don't do this, don't do that", at least from now on. Meek girls are the target of cruelties because they don't speak up."

Will continue translations later.


Pirate Praveen Sat 7 May 2016 3:12AM

@ambadyanands all this starts from the idea of patriarchy, where women is not given freedom as an individual. When girls and boys are not allowed to talk to each other in campus, is that about security? As for allowing women to go out at night, it is our responsibility to create safe spaces for women. It can't be achieved overnight, but the right of women to go out and travel when they wish has to be acknowledged.


Pirate Praveen Sat 7 May 2016 3:28AM

@ambadyanands also the violence we talk in constitution is about political violence.


Pirate Praveen Sat 7 May 2016 1:44PM

Continuing translation of the comment posted above:

Its a great truth. Don't raise your voice like men. Don't quarrel with men. Don't sit with men or talk to them. You are a girl. You cannot defend yourself if you are not with a man. You are weak. You should suffer everything. The only option before you is to reach home before dark. Don't dress modern. Don't seduce "calm men" for sex! Bullshit! Jisha was at home. She was not wearing tight jeans. Time was some time between 1 and 4 in the afternoon. Recently in Bengaluru, some one tried to lift a girl wearing "tight jeans" near bus stop and move to a nearby building and rape. With courage, she raised her voice and defended strongly, people took notice and she was saved. Reports say a case is registered. I agree with Parvathy and say don't make women meek. Don't raise her a silent paultry chicken for perverted men. Give her voice. Give her a hand which she can raise freely. Let her wander in the world. Let her grow with courage defending herself. The world will be afraid to touch her.

He goes on to say these too, but we should not carry this.

"I'm waiting for the most expensive hero lawyer for the accused".


Vidyut Sat 7 May 2016 3:49PM

Some points:

  1. It is true that the world can be dangerous for women. However the answer is not in imprisoning them. We do not refuse to go on a wild life tour because tigers can eat us. We do not stop driving because accidents cause a large number of deaths. Similarly, we must strive to make our spaces safer for women, but they cannot be expected to cancel their life and sit at home just because there is danger.

  2. A chain breaks at its weakest link. When violence rises in society, those least able to defend themselves break first. Crimes against children, women, aged rise. This does not mean that it is a problem limited to them. The chain may break at the weakest link, but with that link, the chain is broken. Over and over at weak links. Similarly, every crime breaks our society and brings us that much closer to being the next weakest link to break. It is time to start taking citizen safety seriously instead of seeing it as a favor done to women. It isn't a problem exclusive to women. An area where women get raped frequently isn't exactly safe for a man to walk alone at night either. It is time to start seeing victims as important early alarms showing problems the whole society face, instead of doing them any favors. It is all our safety at stake.