Thu 26 May 2016 8:18AM

Manifesto: increase spending on education and healthcare

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See for a back ground.

We should increase spending on education and healthcare and raise number and quality of government schools and hospitals. As with proposal linked above, we can fund this program by cutting down defense spending.


Pirate Bady Thu 26 May 2016 6:26PM

personally i consider this as the greatest point which we can include in the Manifesto. it may seem impossible, but my dream is that "food (including water), healthcare, education, electricity and internet connectivity should be free for everyone". once a government ensure these rights by restricting privatization, people will get freedom from the 8 hours workday system so that they can use that time for other useful activities which would benefit the society as a whole.


[deactivated account] Mon 30 May 2016 11:38PM

If only we could pull off the Venus project.......


Pirate Bady Tue 31 May 2016 8:23PM

TVP proposes big changes, not just physical changes in the world but changes in our perceptions as well. the thing is such a project needs huge amount of money and global support. for big bankers, capitalists and other, monopolies, TVP is a direct threat, a huge threat and hence they'll oppose it any cost.

if TVP gets real it'll be great. but instead of waiting for it indefinitely we may need to look out for decentralized solutions, unlike TVP, which can be implemented in the small-scale level. i also support the ideas such as Unconditional Basic Income (UBI), Worker Cooperatives, Alternative Currencies, etc. which help us to become less dependent on the profit-driven monopolies.


Akshay Sun 29 May 2016 5:49PM

By saying "increase spending" there's an implicit assumption that enough funding can solve all problems. Therefore, it'd be a good idea to also add "reform" somewhere. For example, rethinking Medical Council of India itself can be very helpful in improving healthcare.


Akhilesh Jamdar Mon 11 Jul 2016 12:56PM

How about building more libraries? that's the most important part of education. The amount of public libraries in my city can be counted on one hand. This, ignoring their quality.


Ryan LM Tue 13 Dec 2016 5:11PM

Though education and healthcare are as much a right of the people as water, we should ensure that education and healthcare will not be federalized, but rather encouraged at the local level (ie. mandated by the federal government, supervised by the state government, administered by the local government).

In Canada, the healthcare plan works (mostly) because the healthcare policy is administered by the province. Each province is different and tailors their solution to the needs of the province. I've also read that private schools/home schools do more for children than public schools.

Education - Local
I believe a good solution would be to have each local government develop policies and actions for public schools and libraries, with a strong voice given to an education trustee board composed of parents (who are the primary educators of their children).

Healthcare - State
I believe a good solution would be to have each state develop health policies and actions for public hospitals and clinics. Again, a strong voice given to a patient representation board would ensure the healthcare system meets the needs of patients.