Thu 24 Sep 2015 10:36AM

Any volunteers for our twitter handle?

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Eylo Pirates!
We are now a group of some 77 members and active more than ever!

A few of us have also met in person and others had successfully attended a meetup in Mumbai recently!

We now discuss on a range of issues from caste based reservations to net neutrality/encryption issues to the death penalty and seem to be quite active on loomio!

In view of the above , how about we take this a notch further and enter the world of social media?
I had twitter in mind. We could reach a vast majority through twitter.

Twitter can be a very powerful tool and so should be used wisely. Especially when we are representing a serious group like ours.

My opinion: If we finally do decide to create a twitter handle , we would need a dedicated set of people to handle the account.

Let me suggest an idea.
Step 1) : Get some members of our group to be ready to handle our groups twitter account.

     2) Create a twitter handle.

     3) Since we are a group , one simply should not post whatever he feels is right. We , Indian Pirates , as a group should collectively agree on a post before "tweeting" it on twitter. **But this should be applied only to important topics as we cannot expect to vote on EVERY SINGLE tweet our group has to post. For example , if we are taking a stand on net neutrality or the draft encryption policy or the death penalty , we should THEN as a group agree to the post before "tweeting" whatever it is we want to—Like we do on loomio – we open a discussion , throw in our views and come to an agreement, only faster! 

Other small issues like , for example "Re-posting" a link can simply be tweeted without consult because it cannot go wrong--- for instance , the gov. withdrew the draft encryption policy , we do not need to AGREE as a group before tweeting it because it is a "fact" .

I hope you get what I mean.

4) If one person is not able to be active on twitter , share the passwords among 2-3 members.

I can simply go ahead and create a twitter handle but to be honest , I feel that I certainly am not the right person to be handling the account because of the nature of my profession. Because when Im home , I can keep the account active , but when I go sailing I will be gone for about 4 months and there would be no activity.

Consistency is something we should maintain.
I mean , if we create a twitter handle , we should not come across as a loosely knit group whose members are hardly active.

We should do it once and we should do it right.
We could do the same for Facebook too if need be.

So, do we have any volunteers?


Pirate Praveen Thu 24 Sep 2015 10:43AM

An unmaintained handle would be worse than not having one as people think we are not active if we don't post frequently. So I think we should find 2-3 volunteers.


[deactivated account] Thu 24 Sep 2015 10:45AM

@praveen : exactly my point .. we would need to be consistent


Pirate Praveen Thu 24 Sep 2015 10:55AM

I don't use twitter, but if we connect it to diaspora account, I can post via diaspora. So we have two people already.


[deactivated account] Thu 24 Sep 2015 11:07AM

we need atleast one more who is familiar with twitter.. I created a twiiter handle some 5 yrs back but have only started to use it recently.. and I will be gone sailing in a month or two or maybe earlier .. also , someone who is good with words..
@praveenarimbrathod :could we do that? connect diaspora account to twitter?


Pirate Praveen Thu 24 Sep 2015 11:41AM

@arjun yes, you can connect your diaspora account to twitter, tumblr or wordpress (facebook is a bit complicated, but possible)


Pirate Praveen Thu 14 Apr 2016 3:16PM

We have a twitter handle now


Pirate Praveen Thu 14 Apr 2016 3:19PM

@karthikeyanak can you help maintain the twitter handle? Coordinate with @arjun . He is also in Chennai, so you folks can catch up for a coffee or something. @shrinivasant is also in Chennai.


Pirate Bady Fri 15 Apr 2016 7:46PM

I'm in... :)


Rahul Krishnan R A Sat 16 Apr 2016 12:27PM

@praveenarimbrathod I will create a youtube channel and we need to organize a team to manage


Pirate Praveen Sat 16 Apr 2016 12:35PM

@rahulkrishnanra create a sub group for social media and add me, @arjun and @ambadyanands . Keep archive public but let membership require approval.

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