Mon 14 Feb 2022 11:02AM

Make a statement on the website condemning the hijab ban by the Hindu Nationalist government in Karnataka

RD Ravi Dwivedi Public Seen by 40

Rough draft:

Recently the Karnataka government banned hijab in schools

This violates the freedom of religion

Court took it the wrong way. Rather than "it should be upto the state to justify their actions", the situation is "muslim students are having to fight for their rights and justify the clothing" Quoting The Wire on this point,

It is not the hijab but the banning of the hijab that should be scrutinised on the threshold of constitutional law and human rights norms.

Finally, I would like to quote The Hindu at this point

Freedom of religion is important because freedoms are important, and not because religions are important.

Call for action

We urge all the Indian citizens to understand their power and responsibility. Let's kick out BJP from the ruling position in the next elections remembering that every vote counts.

While it is necessary to show anger and criticize government at this occasion, we think it is not sufficient to change the world. Join Indian Pirates and be the change you want to see.


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Publish a statement condemning the hijab ban on our website as a public statement Closed Sat 19 Feb 2022 11:00AM

by Ravi Dwivedi Sat 19 Feb 2022 8:04PM

Any volunteers to publish this on the website.

Should we publish something like the draft I wrote above on our website? I wrote it in a hurry, so please feel free to improve it. Thanks.


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Ravi Dwivedi Mon 14 Feb 2022 1:23PM

Updated Call for action due to Praveen's suggestions.


Pirate Praveen Sun 20 Feb 2022 9:04AM

"A college in Mysuru cancelled its uniform rule on Friday to allow Muslim students to attend classes with the hijab. 1st college in #Karnataka

Good decision. Let this be the beginning."

While this will not be a sufficient response to protect rights of all students, I think its a welcome move. It can put pressure on govt if more colleges follow.