Feedback deadline on NODE Policy

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The deadline to submit suggestions for the consultation is 31st may.  The NODE consultation paper and other details are available on mygov website at

I was planning to speak about threat of this policy on free software at foss meet , but not happened due to lockdown

CIS comments here

It will be good if FSCI can fastly prepare a response and mobilize endorsements from other free software orgs. and communities


Raju Devidas Thu 28 May 2020 8:03PM

We at are organizing a Community call regarding NODE. FSCI should participate in the call. This could help formulate comments for both FSCI and

We at are organising a community call for the Free and Open Source community to discuss on the consultation paper proposed by Ministry of Electronics of Information Technology, Government of India on strategy for National Open Digital Ecosystems


The proposals in the paper could have repercussions for the FOSS community in India. We plan to discuss the current structure as well as any issues present in the consultation paper.

The call will take place on 29th May 2020 at 5:30 PM


We apologize for such a short notice and look forward to your participation.


Raju Devidas Fri 29 May 2020 12:06PM

We are starting the call now at


Raju Devidas Sun 31 May 2020 7:50AM

This is the executive summary of our suggestions on NODE, we will be sending the comments to MeITY by the evening around 7-8. If you have any more feedback that should be included in our suggestions, please let us know here or by email. Thanks


Anivar Aravind Sun 31 May 2020 10:43AM

Some feedback already emailed

1. Refer past polices  a) Opensource policy b) framework c) openstandard 4) oer policy (this have principles of openness , but that need a critique as well ) 
2. Delivery services definition in the GovTech project should be for services ensuring citizen rights using free and opensource software for public infrastructure. 
3. free and  open software systems that enable civic participation in development and its source code governance should be the non negotiable GovTech infrastructure.  The proposed design of Governance as a layer around non free delivery services (Aadhaar, GSTN, UPI etc) is an issue . 
4. Node policy should bring More software critical to citizen facing government function as free and opensource and enable civic participation in its governance by adopting an open development model.  This includes, Aadhaar under MEITY,    GSTN,   NPCI owned UPI, AEPS& BBPS,  RBI owned NBFC-AA, PCB,  Various mission mode project related technology stacks, etc