Where are the pictures of Debian events

PS Pavithran S Public Seen by 19

Fosscommunity used to run gallery2 and have pictures of some old debian events. was the link which doesn't exist anymore.


shirish Fri 22 Aug 2014 6:35PM

I think it's lost in the wasteland called Internet, unless somebody took a backup. I do remember somebody sharing they were talking of taking a backup (whether it was Nandaja, Krishnan, Bala or somebody else don't remember) the last time there was spam and I had reported it.


Pirate Praveen Fri 22 Aug 2014 6:35PM

@pavithrans we used to host on dreamhost. Anivar would be able to access the old account I think.


Pavithran S Fri 22 Aug 2014 6:38PM

Ahh ok . so its gone somewhere else ?


Pirate Praveen Sat 23 Aug 2014 6:01PM

@pavithrans currently is hosted on server.


shirish Tue 30 Sep 2014 7:24AM

can somebody tell as to what the story is. Do we have or have not backup of the gallery. If not, then can a proposal be made so that pictures can never be deleted from a site. The only way out as of right now seems to be using your diaspora or poddery pod . The only issue is that we would not be able to have any attributes or meta-data about the pictures themselves as could be had in a gallery implementation.