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Indian Pirates 2024 election strategy/views

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Here's a draft article on the topic "Indian Pirates 2024 election strategy/views" prepared by @Kannan V M, @muzirian, @Pirate Praveen and me in an online meeting conducted tonight.

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# Draft: Indian Pirates 2024 election strategy

India is going through another challenging time. A fascist government has grown out of our democratic process. Current NDA government with their oppressive and divisive strategies continue to stay in power. It will not be hard to see they have no concerns about our nation or the people that constitutes it. They keep us divided, through lies and messages of hatred, to keep us distracted from their failure in managing a nation. Their lies and divisive agenda to keep people hooked on hate resembles early stage of nazi Germany. We fear this stream of events will permanently disable our nation, which was built on the notions of unity among diversity.

Human rights are being undermined, people are being kept in jail for years without charges or trial. Prime minister publicly misleads people spreading lies. Ministers in the cabinet calls for violence against the citizens. Actions of government have become more and more unaccountable, and making the state accountable for their actions has become more difficult than ever. The mainstream media who are supposed to be neutral and criticizing government are now being used as a tool to spread propaganda. Social media and other platforms are used to divide people and the polarization in Indian society is at an alarming level. We should not forget to see our present, the depth of the danger our nation is in.

We don't want our children to live in a nation where we can't trust our own neighbours. We don't want to live in a growth stagnated nation because we are secluded by what we wear, what we speak, whom we pray to or which caste we belong to. This is not the India we dreamed of and if we are branded anti-national and publicly shamed for criticizing the government and being concerned about current state of India, we are afraid we are already late for a change.

Even when we call the current government is fascist in nature, we are not of the view that our previous governments were great. We have already gone through a period of nationwide emergency. But we learn from our mistakes and that's why we should act now. The present NDA government should be brought down through the same democratic process that brought them to power.

We must find the unity that binds us together, beyond our ideologies, beliefs and communities we believe and belong. This is where we should come and hold our hands together against the oppressive, fascist government that feeds off hate to win elections and thus to stay in power.

Indian Pirates believe we need a unified opposition to fight against fascism.

Indian Pirates believe Congress should be part of the unified opposition for a successful campaign against the current NDA government. An opposition without Congress does not look feasible at this point. For that we urge INC to find resolutions to their internal conflicts and find their past where they were the unifying entity that brought various groups together against the oppressive British government.

British rule and emergency are examples of possibly worse than current situation. We overcame those challenges by having a united opposition. Also if we look back in history even more powerful and organized fascists were defeated.

If we lose this chance in 2024, things would be much much harder. We can fight Congress after 2024 in peace.

Even if we make a perception of a united fight with some opposition parties forming an alliance, that will send a powerful message. We don't have a lot of time so we should urgently form this coalition.

All parties who wish to defeat NDA and their fascist rules must join hands for the 2024 election. We know that Congress is not the ideal/perfect solution we need in the long term, but for short term we don't have much choice. We need to be able to distinguish between long term and short term goals.

Congress may still be evil when it comes to economic policies (neo-liberal policies) or corruption. But we should pick the lesser evil here. Congress is at least not openly fascist and communal as BJP. Like someone said, what Congress used to do in the midnight with shame is what BJP doing now in the daylight with pride.

We urge other parties, communities and individuals to come together for 2024 election to vote to save our democratic values and unity that keep us together. Lets leave a better India for our children to live in.


Ravi Dwivedi Sun 24 Oct 2021 8:15AM

How do we unify opposition? As good opposition seems to be the only real chance here. Can we contact some opposition members?


Pirate Praveen Sun 24 Oct 2021 9:58AM

There are many questions here 1. What needs to happen? 2. How can we make it happen? 3. Will we succeed? Our first task is to identify the answer to question 1. You question is about 2. We have to try whatever is possible. At the minimum we can get more people to accept this position, we don't know how many. Only if many people want something to happen and make efforts to make it happen, it can happen. Though there is no guarantee it will succeed. Sometimes we have to do what is right even if we fail.


Pirate Vik Thu 28 Oct 2021 7:23AM

Seems a good strategy and can be managed by a small number amplified by tech and some automated communications


Pirate Vik Thu 28 Oct 2021 7:27AM

I would remove references to congress being evil if we want to promote a coalition


Ravi Dwivedi Mon 14 Feb 2022 11:07AM

We should publish it on the website. It is a good writeup