Mon 18 May 2020 9:47PM

Website Redesign

AR Abraham Raji Public Seen by 83

Hey Everyone,

I'd like to volunteer to redesign our website so that we can convey our ideas more easily. I think/believe that the why of our movement should be put front and center, then continue on with what we're trying to do, what we've done and so forth. I think that the website could also act as ablog of sorts where the we can post our statements and members can contribute with blog entries that align with our ideals.

  • If anybody has an objection to this please do mention thus and state your reasoning below in the comments.

  • It would also be great if you guys could fill us with your own feedback regarding our website and the changes that you'd like to see.

  • Everyone is welcome to join this initiative. You can contribute in two ways:

    • Your valuable feedback regarding any aspect of the website which includes but is not limited to the content, ideals presented, tools and technologies used etc.

    • Your skills, if you're a designer or a web developer you contribute using your skills to this initiative.

So basically,

  • If you don't like this, tell me why.

  • If you like this:

    1. Show me your support.

    2. Give me feedback so that we can all be invloved in this process and build a better website.

    3. Comment below if you can help me with your skills.


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by Pirate Praveen Sat 30 May 2020 10:32AM

Yes, we should redesign.


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Pirate Praveen Tue 19 May 2020 5:31AM

Thanks for taking the initiative. I don't think a vote is required unless some one objects to the proposal. Let's do a video/audio call to discuss more.


Abraham Raji Tue 19 May 2020 7:53AM

Yes let's do it. Some day this week itself tomorrow maybe?


Pirate Praveen Tue 19 May 2020 12:19PM

Fine for me, @Dhanesh B. Sabane @Bady ?


Pirate Bady Tue 19 May 2020 1:04PM

if tomorrow 8pm is ok, i can join


Arun Isaac Tue 19 May 2020 8:40PM

I think the website is fine as it is. Perhaps adding a blog has value. But that can be done using a simple static site generator and linked to from the main home page. It doesn't really count as a "redesign" of the entire website.


pirate king Wed 20 May 2020 4:53AM


Abraham Raji Thu 21 May 2020 12:36PM

Hey @Arun Isaac ,

Thanks for the feedback, redesign might be a good ideas because of these reasons:

  • We felt that re-arranging the contents of the website is good idea. For example who we are? what we do? and why we do it? should come front and center. Right now a new person will have to look really deep into the website for a proper answer

  • It was also observed that the vocabulary used can be quite difficult to comprehend to a person who is not quite fluent in english. That could also b changed.

  • Certain parts such a constituion page of Indian pirates needs navigation and things could be better if it were a web-page instead of the current slides.

  • We wan to localize the website into various Indian languages.

  • We also wanted to add more sections and incorporate certain API's to automate certain tasks.

When I said we I speak for the members of yesterdays online meeting. I admit a lot of these reasons came into the picture after yesterdays meeting but still they are very valid reasons.

Since we would be rewritting most of the website if we implement the above mentioned features we figured we might as well make it prettier in the process. Ofcourse prioriy is changing the content, look and feel is secondary. We decieded to work on the content first and then with time come up with a website that is better in terms of looks and accessiblity. In comparison to websites of other political partys such as AAP or Pirates Party Sweden or Pirates International our website could definately use a bit of a revamp. It is ofcourse to many what will be thier first impression of Indian Pirates. I don't expect you to completely agree with me and that is totally fine but I really do think the website could use a face lift. Hope we can find a consensus.


Arun Isaac Thu 21 May 2020 9:14PM

Localization is a great idea. Few people in India understand English properly. So, it would help improve the spectrum of people we are reaching out to. On the technical side, I suggest using gettext PO files so translators can use tools they are already familiar with.

Please make sure the new website is lightweight (no javascript and a few well compressed images) and loads fast even on low-end phones, slow internet connections, etc.

Other than that, since I'm not actually volunteering any time to work on this website redesign, I can't really complain. :-P


Abraham Raji Wed 20 May 2020 4:53PM

Meeting Minutes: Wed, 20 May 2020

  • We saw that rearranging the website layout would help us better convey who we are what we wish to do.

  • we discussed why pirates in not a registered political party yet, we need at least 100 members in a state which we do not have right now.

  • Dhanesh suggested as a result of a feedback from a friend that the core aim of the movement must be specified in the main page itself.

  • Dhanesh suggested to move the content of the slide show into the page itself.

  • He also suggested to simplify the language used in the website to make it easier to understand for everyone.

  • Pirate Praveen explained how he began the movement. Praveen saw a few limitations of the Anna Hazare movement and rather than sit simple and complain he decided start an initiative.

  • We decided that as the first step we need to make changes to the content of the website, after which we would start working on the revamp.

  • We decided to continue with Code Ignitor framework for now.

  • A etherpad was started detailing all the proposed changes.

  • Tanzeem who later joined in added that he was quite happy with the look and feel of the current website.

  • It was decided to get more feedback, discuss, fine tune and implement the resulting changes in the content within the next 2 weeks.

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