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First motivation for restaurant is scope for wider participation than software. My original idea was a software coop but getting people who subscribe to these ideas may take time and many in our circles may be interested in such an idea if the scope were wider than just software. There is also a reluctance for educated youth to enter into areas outside white collar jobs and the society does not give a good status to people who work in these jobs. We want to challenge this perception and boldly state we work in a restaurant after earning a good degree. This is a social experiment and I'm willing to be a waiter after a Btech degree from NIT Calicut, because I believe we should respect all jobs especially when all people can't get a white collar job. The aim of education should not be to get a job that pays the most because that means serving the rich is more valued than serving the poor. If we respect all jobs people would be more willing to take up jobs that they enjoy and love rather than jobs that gives them tension but pays well.