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Add to basic principles: We accept the plight of refugees and our responsibilities under the Geneva Convention

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We accept the plight of refugees and our responsibilities under the Geneva Convention. We also recognise the economic benefits to a nation of accepting refugees. Closed Tue 20 Jul 2021 1:00PM

The treatment of refugees by nations is enshrined in the Geneva Convention and in particular the rights and responsibilities listed here

The economic benefits to a nation are also well documented


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Pankaj Jangid Sun 4 Jul 2021 11:14AM

Is the proposal only for Pirate Party of India? Because India as a country already complies with Geneva Convention. Link for reference -


Pirate Vik Sun 4 Jul 2021 12:26PM

I made the proposal for two reasons. One as a reminder that India complies with the Geneva Convention - some countries are flouting it or making it specific to some groups and not others. Secondly, describing the economic benefits to a country helps us to have dialogue with and persuade those that have been told the opposite story (which is not actually true). Could you give your support to this?


Pankaj Jangid Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:26AM

2nd is a statement. There is no actionable thing in that. For clarity in 1st, we must add specific action that we want India to take; "flouting rules" is very broad. Before this we should specify where India is contradicting the Geneva Convention.


Pirate Vik Mon 5 Jul 2021 6:23PM

The actionable thing would be to promote that statement using facts and figures. There is no mention in my wording of flouting rules however and I think there are many good examples of India accepting refugees. I just want us to have a clear position as part of the basic principles of Indian Pirates.


Pankaj Jangid Tue 6 Jul 2021 3:28AM

Sorry I picked from one of you replies above. Not in the proposal though.

Yes promoting the Geneva Convention could be part of our tasks. And it is good to have a clear position.