Mon 23 May 2016 6:12AM

Energy Freedom

SK Sooraj Kenoth Public Seen by 294


I think the energy is a vital part of our life. We all getting energy from sun in one way or in other way. People are unable to use it due to lack of technology and support. , so we are depending on some centralised systems. We have to build a community around energy with multiple perspective. That will include getting knowledge from existing institutions and building support group and revenue model. I am looking for comments, suggestion...


Akhilesh Jamdar Mon 23 May 2016 6:57AM

Yeah, I think decentralization of energy is an important factor. Things like solar energy in each apartment complex / home is a goal we should work towards. There is already a solar panel subsidy by the government, but there's a very long waitlist.


Sooraj Kenoth Mon 23 May 2016 7:08AM

It is not just solar PV. PV is only one of the option. There are technologies for bio-energy, waste-to-energy, Solar thermal, wind etc.

Each place will have an optimum mix of these. We have to identify the proper mix for a location and must be in a position to provide the support.