Get up again

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We have to get our wiki back online. Balu, Hrishi, when can we have it usable again? Its been down for months.


Manu Krishnan T V Mon 30 Mar 2015 5:03PM

The files has been moved to one of cool-works servers and dns has also been pointed correctly for a long time now. Can some one spend some time to get the wiki up and running, with spam prevention plugins?

We need some public space to document the domain ownerships and renewals.

If no one is interested with mediawiki, lets go with something lighter like dokuwiki.

@balasankarchelamat @hrishikeshakastult @praveenarimbrathod


Pirate Praveen Sat 16 May 2015 10:32AM

Thanks to @manukrishnantv our wiki is back at