Ideas for fine tuning the campaign

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  • Have an online meeting every two weeks for new volunteers to talk to us. We can include the meeting link in the form itself and ask them to RSVP. Have an option to suggest a different meeting time as well.

  • Add an ics file and instruct them to add to their calendar for meeting reminder

  • Have people join as a pre requisite so at least we can send updates easily. So have an checkbox that is mandatory that says "I have joined" group. And in description we can say, "We use this group for collaborating on this campaign and you will get to interact with the rest of the team through this group".

  • Add statistics of campaign - how many submitted the form, how many we are interacting etc

  • Add photos of people who opted in

  • Explicitly ask them to contact us through one of the channels mentioned on the website, in case they did not receive an email from us in 3 days

  • Explicitly ask them to acknowledge the email we send them as likely hood of our mails going to spam is high

  • Ask for time slots when they will be available to volunteer (options like, weekday evenings, weekends etc)

  • Ask them what languages they are comfortable with, this can help us expand the campaign in more languages

  • Invite people to this sub group via codema invite option (increase chances of delivery since a different mail server also one more nudge could help)

  • Create an event on for upcoming meeting and share ics link in form and send email invites too.

Feel free to add your ideas


Pirate Praveen Thu 29 Feb 2024 4:17PM

Thanks to @fugata for adding a counter to the page.


Pirate Praveen Fri 1 Mar 2024 11:05AM

We can use to generate ics file, it also allows RSVP with a mastodon account.