Sun 5 Sep 2021 2:21PM

Weekly open house

I Irfan Public Seen by 86

Hi all,

Can we discuss the feasibility of holding a weekly open house (online) for political or any other discussion for all the members? I feel a space where we could join and voice our thoughts regularly might help stimulate ideas for our organisation going forward. There are some particular factors to decide upon:

  • how often to meet, weekly/fortnightly/monthly?

  • the agenda, by default this can be current affairs that concern us, but even just socialising or chit-chat might be good sometimes

  • platform

  • who can attend? I feel it can be left open to all (and we can maybe spread the word so new faces might show up), however I believe there has been trouble with trolling in the matrix group, so there might be other opinions.

  • anything else?


Ravi Dwivedi Sun 5 Sep 2021 6:25PM

Yes, I welcome the initiative. We can have a first meeting someday to decide the agenda.


Pirate Praveen Sun 5 Sep 2021 8:10PM

Sounds good. May be start with once in two weeks and then we can decide to adjust the frequency later. We can use community run jitsi meet/BBB. Since it is a fixed time, let's keep it open to all and see how it turns out.


Ravi Dwivedi Mon 13 Sep 2021 12:44PM

@Irfan What about meeting on 16th September?