Sat 10 Oct 2015 6:11AM

How about we make a digital privacy footprint calculator and badges?

PP Pirate Praveen Public Seen by 233

Using centralized services with lockdown of friends (facebook , WhatsApp) high negative, gmail (you lock only yourself, less negative). Use community infra yourself, positive, use xmpp/kontalk with friends more positive, run your own infra even more positive, run community infra, superstar.


Pirate Vik Sat 10 Oct 2015 6:44PM

Great idea - the social aspect of showing off your badge is a potentially useful tool in spreading the message. Good design would be important.


Sooraj Kenoth Sun 11 Oct 2015 2:22PM

Good idea...
We can also include free software/OS usage+contribution.


[deactivated account] Thu 15 Oct 2015 10:14PM