Use a forum for all FSCI discussions

K Karthik Public Seen by 103

Why don't we ditch matrix chat and maintain all discussions (off and on topics) on codema or a forum (like ? It's more organized and serves as archive.


Akshay Fri 3 May 2024 6:27AM

Every community thinks about this. It is a pipe dream. Every communication tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. Try persuading active people to start discussions on web platforms.

I once had this idea that we should use blogs to chat.


Karthik Sun 5 May 2024 10:50AM

@Akshay I feel, using blogs for chat is a level up for the most.


Pirate Praveen Fri 3 May 2024 12:45PM

I just want to echo Akshay, it is not going to be practical to ban a Free Software powered medium for discussions. Lots of people find chat interface more friendly and less intimidating. You can encourage more people to participate here by sharing codema threads when topics pop up in the matrix (also request others to do the same).


Life is Tetris Sun 19 May 2024 5:39AM

My 2 annas.

Is an archive of chats required? Aren't they supposed to be ephemeral?

On archivable discussions, after seeing Zulip, Discourse, Lemmy etc. I think these Loomio folks have hit a sweet spot. I have to thank FSCI for letting me have first-hand experience with it.

Personally, I don't see why IRC + Codema wouldn't be enough. Matrix seems overkill for chat (and its flaky XMPP bridge means I have never seen a complete conversation in Conversations ever!). To minimize moderator load, you could limit IRC logins to e-mail-based login like Codema (if that exists).