Wed 13 Apr 2016 6:46AM

media and other for poster

J joice Public Seen by 262

Hi, there..
One of my brother agreed to design poster for this elections. I told him the basic plot and praveen told me about what elements should be on the poster. I shared the same with him and He says he need more clarity - both in his picture and the plot.
He dont know about pirate party and all that. So.. make suggestions to create a good poster.


Pirate Praveen Wed 13 Apr 2016 6:55AM

@joice show him these videos

It explains some of our core ideas, I'm hoping more people will be sharing their videos soon.

And our logo is


Pirate Praveen Wed 13 Apr 2016 6:57AM


joice Wed 13 Apr 2016 7:23AM

I was about to make a collaborative design.