Sun 22 May 2016 9:04PM

Let's create a FAQ page to be published on our website

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I hope everyone agrees with the idea of creating a FAQ page. A FAQ page helps everyone to get a better understanding of the Pirate ideas. It can also be used to clear many of the common doubts. Requesting everyone to contribute questions and answers here, which we can then add to the upcoming FAQ page on our website. It'll be better if the answers can be summarized into one or two paragraphs for better readability.


Pirate Bady Sun 22 May 2016 9:21PM

1) Why the name Pirates?
Ans) The word 'Pirate' can be redefined as "someone who shares something for the common good". This new definition contradicts the popular usage of the same word mainly used by the software, media and film industries in their campaigns against copyright infringement. This can help reappropriation of the word 'Pirate'. In sociology and cultural studies reappropriating a word means the cultural process of reassigning a word with positive meaning which was previously considered as negative.

2) Why is privacy important?
(inviting everyone to come up with a concise answer. for a detailed answer let's create a Statement on "Why Privacy matters/Why is Privacy important" instead)

3) Privacy and Transparency are opposite things. So isn't it contradicting that the Pirates are standing for both at the same time?
Ans) Pirates are demanding privacy in personal matters while transparency in public governance. Since both are separate it's not contradicting.


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4) What do Indian Pirates stand for?
5) What is direct/participatory democracy?
6)How do I join Indian Pirates?
7) I do not want to be a part of the group but I'd like to help.
8) Who are the people behind Indian Pirates?

Feel free to edit the questions.. Will try and come up with some answers.


Pirate Bady Mon 14 Jun 2021 7:38PM

created a pad to collect question and answers in a more flexible way: