Wed 11 May 2016 6:23PM

Mumble server use for free.

MJS michael john sinclair. Public Seen by 312
we have installed a room for your use for communication
Pirates India
wish you all good progress.


[deactivated account] Wed 11 May 2016 10:05PM

got it.. thank you


[deactivated account] Fri 20 May 2016 1:48PM

Hi everyone. Bumped into a fellow pirate from PPI last night on mumble. Spoke at great lengths about our election campaign , AADHAR , the pirate party scene internationally and a variety of other stuff. The timing of the conversation was odd last night and since it wasn't planned only I could participate.

We could have a conference with them if we agreed on a date and time. Anyone interested kindly post here.


Pirate Praveen Sat 21 May 2016 3:46AM

@arjun how about Monday night?


Pirate Praveen Mon 30 May 2016 8:35AM

Yesterday night me and @arjun met with two German Pirates on mumble. We can use this medium for coordinating our activities.