Wed 28 Oct 2015 5:37PM

Want to visit on 14th-15th Nov - overnight?

V Vidyut Public Seen by 237

Got a friend coming over from Delhi. He's into social issues and stuff as well. Anti-fundamentalist, writer, poet. Two of his friends are coming, I don't know them, but described to me as "poets of the revolutionary cadre". Some of you have seen my home. If we are careful with water and willing to sleep like saradines, we could even accommodate a dozen more, but 4-5 more should be easy.

We're planning to go exploring in the day - general forts, beaches ancient stupa stuff - whatever works. So plan to come in morning and join in, or plan to come after dark when we return home :)


shirish Wed 28 Oct 2015 6:29PM

where would this be - near/around your place "general forts, beaches ancient stupa stuff " or where ?

I would probably come depending either in the morning or the evening depending on what the plan is


Vidyut Thu 29 Oct 2015 7:10PM

Forts and stuff would be in the west, but our region only.