For a Free Software and community controlled Mobile Operating System

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Firefox OS is Free Software with Bazar development model as opposed to
Cathedral model of Android. Both are Free Software for end users but
different for contributors. Google does not involve community in new
versions but realease source code after a new binary version is released.
Mozilla keep all development in a public git repo and bug tracker.

Moreover google pushes its services through Android and it makes their
already monopolistic position stronger. They are becoming more and more
centralized, they broke federation of their chat/instant messaging service
with the rest of XMPP providers. Google is big threat to privacy by tracking
everything we do.

One approach could be CyanogenMod/Replicant, where they remove google
dependency in android. Second approach is Firefox OS. Third is Jolla with
a Free Software UI like Glacier. Fourth is Ubuntu Phone.

With a larger community and device options worldwide, Firefox OS is my
choice (I I had not bought a Firefox OS already, I'd probably go with
CyanogenMod/Replicant now).

Now we need to solve messaging.

0 It should be Free Software, both server and client

WhatsApp and Telegram ruled out. TextSecure, Kontalk and XMPP remains.

  1. It has to cheaper, should work on unreliable 2G networks

We should have push messages or single packet roaming (like mosh) ie,
asynchromous should be the norm.

We should extend XMPP and implement this feature in Loqui IM

message versioning, offline support essential.

  1. It should be end-to-end encrypted.

add axlotr support to xmpp, make otr reliable

  1. It should be decentralized

XMPP should be improved. TextSecure and Kontalk should be brought in.

See also,

Open Letter to Mozilla on Firefox OS and Privacy
Call to crowd funding campaign

We should organize a camp do discuss solutions and find interested students/freelancers to work on these. We should plan a crowd funding campaign once we find people willing and capable of implementing these.


Anoop Thu 19 Apr 2018 9:03AM

Sailfish OS and Jolla phones are also there in picture. I'm trying to get hold on one.


Pirate Praveen Thu 19 Apr 2018 9:28AM

Sailfish OS UI is proprietary, they have promised to release it as Free Software, but that promise is not fulfilled for many years now. is a Free Software replacement, but it is not yet complete.


Nandakumar Edamana Thu 19 Apr 2018 9:33AM

Thanks for the updates.