Minutes of fossmeet '16

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Minutes of our meeting at Fossmeet '16, Calicut - attended by Balashankar, Praveen, Anish, Fayad, Elakiya and Abhijith.


  • Fix auto login of poddery
    If logged in poddery should take the user straight to stream by calling the home page. Now it goes to home page and login button must be clicked again which leads to stream.

  • Mobile layout and Home page
    Mobile layout needs improvement as the home page is out of way, it needs replacing of existing content as well. We got a new contributer willing to help, she is a free software enthusiast and Anish's colleague. Please introduce her to our group here.

  • Ways to improve current hosting is expensive. How can we improve the existing usage or rates. Or even better if anyone can suggest better solutions. It was suggested to cut down ram from 8 to 6 gigs until the demand increases.


  • A logo or mascot for poddery
    Idea is to have a unique symbol for poddery which can closely stand by Diaspora logo. Something like gerasopora has done with their logo. It used to be a chameleon. Now they have a croc which sucks.
    I suggest using boy running with Diaspora top logo we did for Diaspora yatra next to our poddery name. I think it is iconic and serves well as a symbol of reformation.

  • A progress bar in home page denoting status of crowd funding
    Status should have fund collected, days left and good to have a link to thank you page which shows list of contributers. Discussion/Events on Crowd funding has been going on here.


Pirate Praveen Thu 3 Mar 2016 10:46AM

Thanks @fayadfami for the minutes. For reducing specs, we need to evaluate our current usage and consider the load from chat when it becomes active and also we should be able to take in more people. A rough estimate of 5000 ruppees for a month means 2 ruppees per user per month if we round off to 2500 users (we have 2800+).