Sat 30 May 2020 4:27PM

Open letter regarding vande bharat abhiyan expenses and failure of embassies

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The case of NRIs from a financial point of view.
Remittances to India was 80 billion USD in 2017-18. Which is 6 lakh crore Indian rupees. This is more than the FDI into India by a long margin. Yet NRIs, the majority of whom have lost jobs have to pay the cost of flights and quarantine. The cheapest option for mandatory quarantine in Mumbai would come to about 35,000 INR. This is not a fair thing to do and we hope to bring attention towards this. And this is happening when countries with weaker economies around us like Bangladesh and Srilanka has treated people better. It seems it's not because this govt can't afford, it just doesn't care.


3. context in Malayalam:


Pirate Praveen Sun 31 May 2020 8:15AM

@piratekp thanks for bringing this up, I think we can publish this note in website and share via social media, please open a proposal.