Mon 14 Sep 2020 10:41AM

Create an enforcement mechanism for Code of Conduct

A Akshay Public Seen by 87

Soon we will have a Code of Conduct and Inclusion Policy. It cannot be without an enforcement mechanism. Mozilla uses a reporting hotline to enforce their Community Participation Guidelines. DebConf has an anti-harassment team with an email address.

We should similarly set up a team that can receive complaints, issue clarifications, investigate, and take action on code of conduct violations.

I propose that this be a diverse group of individuals with experience participating in diversity related events/talks.

I nominate @srud and request @srud to nominate other members. Perhaps there can be a proposal to approve the team after there is a draft team nominated.


Pirate Bady Wed 17 Nov 2021 8:35AM

reminder: we still don't have a mechanism to enforce code of conduct!


Pirate Praveen Sat 20 Nov 2021 4:45AM

I think we can have anyone report violations to admins for our discussion forums. Admins can give warning at first violation, then ban for a week for second violation and ban for a month for third and ban for a year for fourth. We will have to keep a log of the events.


Pirate Bady Thu 3 Aug 2023 3:19PM

@Pirate Praveen the 4 level moderation process could be an overkill especially when it needs someone to actively monitor the ban status. i suggest creating a separate room for discussing CoC violations. if there's any ambiguity or consensus issue among the moderators regarding a CoC violation incident, they can take it to this room and also invite the one who is in question of violation if needed. otherwise, we can follow the procedure: warn on first violation, mute on second (for a week?) and ban on third?


Ravi Dwivedi Sat 5 Aug 2023 1:26PM

@Pirate Bady Who can be in the CoC committee? Let's form a committee first.