Unable to send mails from media wiki

PP Pirate Praveen Public Seen by 319

I get this error when choosing to send random password by email, I think forgot password option will fail as well. Can you check?

Account creation error
Error sending mail: mail() has been disabled for security reasons

@balasankarchelamat @tvm @hrishikeshakastult can you check and fix it? I'd like to add many students from Amal Jyothi Engineering college to the wiki.


Manu Krishnan T V Mon 10 Oct 2016 9:30AM

PHP mail function is the most abused one in the shared hosting environment and so we have disabled it in our shared servers. Once compromised, most of the popular scripts (Wordpress, MediaWiki, Joomla, etc) are used to send out spam mails, which affects IP reputation and mail delivery.

You can setup SMTP to deliver mails, which would work fine and I believe MediaWiki supports that.


Pirate Praveen Mon 17 Oct 2016 11:14AM

@tvm can we add one account for in We'll find a sponsor like we do for domains.

@ambadyanands you now have access to the server (ssh Can you try configuring smtp in mediawiki? @balasankarchelamat can you guide bady? Its good to have more admins.